Why now is the right time to find a new office in a down market

Mainly – Because our experience and expertise is to help you navigate the complexities of the office real estate market, and to provide valuable insights and advice on the best properties and terms for your needs.

Tease days when we are experiencing a down market, office landlords often struggle with the challenge of adjusting rental prices to attract and retain tenants. As demand for office space decreases, landlords may be forced to lower prices in order to fill vacancies. However, this can lead to a decline in revenue and profitability for the landlord especially after the market as been so high in the past year and some of them have missed the “train”

Overall, adjusting rental prices in a down market can be a difficult task for landlords. They may need to be creative and flexible in their approach in order to attract and retain tenants while also maintaining their revenue and profitability.